PUBG Royal Pass Free Rewards Code

PUBG royal pass free code unlocked.  This is a shooter's battle royale kind who fights against Epic games Fortnite .

We could say that Fortnite competes against him, for this game developed by the chinese Tencent was launched before the all against all of Epic Games.

See a list of all assets and exchange codes available PUBG Mobile, allowing you to recover many bonuses to customize your weapons and characters.

PUBG Royal Pass Free Rewards Code

UC also eligible for the Royal Pass, an extension of the base game which gives access to certain game modes and exclusive accessories, renewable every season.

At the beginning of the season 13 of the game, many gamer begin to seek a way to get those famous UC and BP , without having to go to the checkout Click here


Every day, thousands of youtubeurs offer their subscribers matches on private rooms where the winners will be eligible for UC transferred directly to their player account.

However, be aware that the level is very high, so you have to expect that this is not as easy as the parties matchmaking normal.

The different lists available below list the entirety of available codes, or have been classified according to their date of appearance on PUBG Mobile.

These codes allow you to get several bonuses, mostly skins that allow you to customize your character or weapons. PUBGRoyale  .

It is therefore easy to miss them. That is why we will list them below. If some are no longer functional, feel free to let us know in the comments that we may update the list.

Obviously, each code can only be used once and only once. Others, however, are limited and can only be used by the fastest players.

PUBG Royal Pass Free Rewards Code 2021

Free PUBG Redeem Code

To activate a code on PUBG Mobile, you'll need to visit the special page opened by PUBG Corporation. You will have to retype your username player, called Character ID, which is particularly long and complex.

Therefore we advise you to copy and paste from your phone on a stand where you will be able to retrieve it via your computer, or type it once and save it somewhere at the end not to have repeat the operation each time. You can find it in the “player profile” section at the top left of your screen.

Then you only have to enter one of the above codes in the PUBG Redeem code, without forgetting to enter verification code.

Will then be asked if you want to use code to your profile, you just have to press “Confirm”. The reward will be automatically added to your inventory

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